Asphalt Recycling & Soil Stabilization

Since 1989 Asphalt Busters has specialized in asphalt recycling and soil stabilization in Arizona and throughout the Southwest. Municipalities, Highway Contractors, Grading and Paving Contractors use our services to save time and money when constructing traffic-bearing surfaces and building pads.

No project is too big or too small. We pulverize and stabilize any size of project from major highways and airports to building pads, parking lots and even tennis courts. Every year we pulverize enough asphalt to cover a two-lane highway from Phoenix to Flagstaff and we stabilize enough soil to cover the area of 172 football fields.

You can trust Asphalt Busters to not compete with your paving business. Pulverizing asphalt and stabilizing soil are the only services we provide.

Asphalt Busters uses the most modern equipment and experienced operators to meet your design specifications. You can depend on us to complete your job on time and on budget. Because of our in-house repair and maintenance shop our equipment is always ready to start and finish your job on your schedule.

Asphalt recycling and soil stabilization are often the most cost effective method of construction. Our expertise and knowledge of the specialized requirements of our region ensure that you will get the best possible job at the fairest possible price.